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$900 / 6 sessions

The Intro to Couples Coaching package is the perfect starter package. For first-time clients, the package includes: 1 joint assessment, 2 individual assessments, a comprehensive questionnaire, a custom treatment plan, and at least 4 research-backed exercises designed to improve your relationship. For already established clients this package offers 6 full-length (90 minutes) sessions for our continued work 


$1,700 / 12 sessions

The Deluxe Package is right for you if you and your partner are ready to make a serious commitment to improving your relationship. For first-time clients, this package includes 1 joint assessment, 2 individual assessments, a comprehensive questionnaire, a custom treatment plan, and at least 10 research-backed exercises designed to improve your relationship. For established clients, the Deluxe package offers 12 full-length sessions for our continued work together. 

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$125  - 60 minute session

The Couples Bullet session is ideal for clients who have recently struggled with a specific conflict or issue but are otherwise happy with the state of their relationship. In a Bullet Session, we: 1) honor each other's emotions and perspectives, 2) explore what was particular sticky about this issue, 3) take accountability for our own actions and apologize where fit, 4)build a plan to avoid walking down the same path in the future. 


"After six sessions with Lane as our couples coach, I can say after 16 challenging years of marriage we’ve finally turned a corner. We had other counseling interventions which bore little or no fruit. But it was different with Lane as our coach. She’s teaching us to listen better, in the way that she’s listening. We’re learning to weigh and feel each other’s words / reality. We’re finally seeing each other which only

encourages us to share more, to connect deeper, to partner up. Her insight into our situation after just our first session was incredible.

Our situation, like all others, is complicated yet Lane was able to put to words both what my wife and I wanted from each other. After couple of sessions, she had a plan put together for us that was realistic and customized to our situation. We’re walking away with homework every week that we enjoy doing as we’re working through our issues. After the initial six sessions, we committed to another six to keep the momentum going. Best money spent ever!"

November 2021 Clients

"We were recommended to Lane by a mutual acquaintance and we are so glad to have met her. Lane is an objective listener and she's great at helping us to understand each others' intentions and the source of our struggles. We've learned how to better support each other while also advocating for our individual needs.  We leave each session feeling heard and validated. She has provided us with a new vocabulary to use when navigating conflict. Our coachings with Lane have been more effective than we ever could have hoped for. We can't recommend her highly enough."

September 2021 Clients

"Lane’s Proactive Partnership approach helped our relationship rise to a new level. We particularly enjoyed the thoughtful exercises and games she created to guide us into deeper discussions about our relationship. Lane created a safe, accepting, supportive environment for us to discuss our innermost thoughts, facilitating more open and honest communication with each other. Her infectious passion for the space shines through in her work and we highly recommend her to anyone who wants a stronger, happier relationship with their significant other."

February 2021 Clients

"Lane equipped us with the tools to not only better our own relationship, but also the relationships with the people we love around us. Her guidance helped us communicate more effectively and navigate the difficulties of a long distance relationship. Her gentle candor and easygoing demeanor made it feel like we were talking to a friend. She also gave us the room to make mistakes and learn from them in our sessions. We owe so much to Lane!"

August 2021 Clients



Hi! I'm Lane. :)
I left a career in the technology industry to pursue a more meaningful life. Through couples coaching, I work with couples of all shapes and sizes on matters closest to their hearts. My training includes Levels 1 and 2 of the Gottman Institute's Couples Therapy Method, a specialization in working with couples recovering from addiction, and coaching certification from JRNI. In my free time I love to run, paint, and enjoy the ocean or the mountains. 



$900 / 6 sessions

The Intro to Singles Coaching package is the perfect starter package. For first-time clients, the package includes offers 6 full-length (60 minute) sessions for our continued work 


$1,150 / 12 sessions

The Deluxe Package is right for you if you and you are ready to make a serious commitment to improving the quality of your romantic life. The Deluxe package offers 12 full-length (60 minute) sessions for our continued work together. 

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"Working with Lane provided me a sense of calm in several areas of my life, from relationships (family, romantic) to managing work stress. I came to her in a state of crisis on several occasions, and each time she was able to help me organize and articulate my thoughts, while also helping me take away the fear. In reality, it was a fear (a threat) as much as it was a challenge, and I couldn’t see the difference. Her questions are thought provoking and incredibly relevant. My favorite part of working with Lane is how I would feel when I got off the phone with her, feeling fully capable to take on whatever was next."


"Lane wasn't just someone I talked to on the other end of a camera, she was warm and personable, making me feel extremely comfortable, enough to be open to hearing where my roadblocks were.  I highly recommend Lane to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. You  will absolutely benefit from her outside perspective and challenges to make the changes you need to grow."


"I started working with Lane to learn what makes a relationship successful and last long. She did a great job with explaining the basic principles of relationship in a very simple and easy-to-understand way. She has a very relaxed and conversational format to her sessions and she spends a lot of time listening to you actively. As a result, her sessions feel personalized and don't feel like a standard cookie cutter approach. She has a growth-oriented approach with her clients and at the end of each session she gave me challenges which focused on implementing the learning and insights from our sessions into real life. With these sessions, she pushed me to step out of my comfort zone one step at a time which not only helped me learn new things about relationships but more importantly, helped me identify existing habits that were stunting my potential to make meaningful and lasting connections. Her sessions felt tailor-made for me and I have made noticeable progress in my interactions with people and my outlook towards relationships after just 6 sessions with her. I can’t recommend her enough! For couples OR singles!"


"I began working with Lane around the same time I started a business course this past Summer. Together, we dug deep into my own “why” of starting a business. We identified actionable steps and helpful resources to aid in my overall process. Most importantly, Lane helped me move some of my own shit out of the way so I could finally move forward on the path I am passionate about."


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